Mark Hudec


            Mark focuses on helping individuals and small business owners achieve financial independence through education to instill confidence in decision making. Through Mark’s unique use of stories and analogies, he aims to simplify the financial planning process to help individuals understand and feel comfortable with planning for their retirement.


            Mark strives to manage risk for a smooth ride for his clients while helping them reach their goals and objectives. To do this, Mark has access to both tactical and strategic investment managers, income producing strategies and preservation of capital strategies that are unique. We believe this helps all clients on their financial road map with the least amount of speed bumps and surprises. A winning by not losing strategy manages risk, and makes for a smoother ride.


            Mark is an independent advisor and is ready to help you on your financial journey. He also helps his clients with individual and group health insurance. Long term care insurance and 529’s for college planning. Please contact him for a no obligation consultation.


Phone 713-854-1335