Jim Kalinowski


Jim is the author of a recently published book Balancing the Badge to Make a Difference. What every Law Enforcement Professional should know about managing life and money. Please reference www.balancingthebadge.com to purchase book.

Balancing the Badge to Make a Difference is a holistic approach toward balancing a law enforcement career with a purpose-driven retirement. It is based on a relationship with God and family, and a solid financial plan. 

My passion for creating the Balancing the Badge concept and writing a book began while working alongside peace officers and providing financial services to them. I quickly recognized the importance of Balancing the Badge to not only provide financial advice for officers in retirement, but also for developing a purpose-driven retirement to keep retirees motivated, healthy, productive, and most importantly, happy in retirement.

The book is for all officers at any stage of their career including retirees that wish to live a life worth living and can easily be applied to other careers as well.

"My goal is to simplify and improve the lives of people by inspiring them to implement financial and life wealth strategies based upon what they value most in life."

Jim aims to simplify the financial and life wealth process by using analogies, stories and visuals to help individuals plan on retiring with purpose, passion and balance to achieve financial and life wealth.

Jim separates himself from other advisors by helping individuals cross the bridge into retirement by developing strategies for financial wealth (ROI – Return on Investment). He believes that building a life wealth portfolio (ROLW – Return on Life Wealth) is as important as building a financial portfolio with active money and life management.

Are your investments heading toward a down market waterfall in an unmanned sailboat (strategic investing- buy, hold and hope) or is your money manager in a row boat (tactical investing) steering you to shore to help you avoid the decline? Do you drive your car by only looking through the rear view mirror of the past and not looking out the windshield into the future? The objective on behalf of Jim’s clients is to navigate the risk associated with investing. His approach is to limit the down side of a volatile stock market.

Jim’s independence and proactive management is all about saving you time and aims to reduce worry. He is convinced that you will enjoy the personalized approach to financial and life wealth management. Please contact him for a no-obligation consultation to see Jim’s personal approach for yourself.

Balancing the Badge to Make a Difference: What every law enforcement professional should know about managing money and life.

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